Nagar Palika Parishad, Shikohabad

Who We Are
  • We are an institution of Local Governance called “Urban Local Body” (ULB).There are various categories of ULBs in Uttar Pradesh and we are classified as a “Nagar Palika Parishad ” type of ULB.
  • We are constituted as per the Constitutional provisions in the Constitution of India. The 74 th Amendment promulgated by the Parliament in the year 1992 has provided the framework for our existence.
  • The Uttar Pradesh Government has introduced the necessary changes in the Acts governing the Urban Local.

Who Governs Us

Being an institution of Local Government we have a distinct difference between the two wings-

  1. Legislature and
  2. Executive

Our Legislature is a governing Body. This Governing Body which is elected by the citizens living within the geographical area of ours. The geographical area has been carved out into – electoral wards. Each ward elects a representative to be sent to the Governing Body. The other members of the Governing Body are:

  • MLA , MP
  • Municipal Commissioner
  • District Magistrate

The election for the governing body is conducted by the State Election Commission. Any person with more than 18 years is eligible to vote in the elections (certain restrictions do apply. For details please contact the State Election Commission which has its office at Faizabad , Uttar Pradesh).

The governing body works within the constitutional framework and the acts made by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

What We Do

We do a lot of things to make life a better experience in the geographical area specified for us by the state government.Some of our works are :

  1. Setting up of Street Light Network and ensuring proper street lighting in the nights
  2. Establishing Water Supply Network, maintaining it and ensuring sufficient quantity of water is available for the citizens
  3. Establishment of Road network and its maintenance